Easy online process. Billed only if qualified

How to get your Med Card


Attend the class at your selected time and WAIT 24 hours for your certification to appear in the portal.


Fill out an application on the Missouri Medical Marijuana Portal

How much medical marijuana can I possess?

As a patient, you are allowed to purchase up to 4 oz. (32 MMEs) of medical marijuana per month and possess a two month supply

If you are in needing help getting prescription strength plant medicine, stop by our office, Radiance Wellness in Brentwood, MO.

Sign Up Questions

Go to our website

**Appointments must be booked online by the patient. We do not book appointments for patients!

Yes, 1760 S. Brentwood Blvd St.Louis MO 63144

**Office is not for appointments, all appointments are done virtually! Come in if you have any questions about your medication and finding what you need. Check out for help finding what cannabis medication is best for you!

Use your appointment confirmation email to reschedule, there should be an option at the bottom.

Certification Form

Click on the reprint tab in the menu. You will sign up for another class, but you don’t have to attend. 24 hours after the class, there will be a new form in your portal.

Download the app and create an account, then check your email for further instructions.

Make sure to create a new application and once you are in the physician and condition information in the click on “electronic certification” then “view available certification” If you still cannot find your certification it may be because you submitted some incorrect information to us. Go back to our website and book for a reprint and we will submit a new electronic certification into your portal. Give us 48 hours to do so.

Did you create a new application? If you have and still are not seeing it please email

Trouble with the State

Go to!/mo/register

If you are having trouble registering with the state you can come into the office. We can register you with the state but there will be a fee.

We do not have the capability to make or view accounts. New patients need to register before logging in and returning patients will need help from the state: (573) 751-6580 or

The fee is $25 to the state and an additional $100 if you want to cultivate or “grow your own medicine”

Getting Your Card

Log into state website using your email address and password then click on license dashboard and under actions all the way to the right are 3 lines click on that and click “view license or download license

About 10 business days after you register with the state.

You will not receive your card in the mail, you will receive it in the portal that you registered in and the state will send you an email once you have been approved.


Go on the state website and log into your account, edit your application to become a cultivator!

You have to find someone to grow for you. Then have them get their card. They can apply for a caregiver cultivators card.